The 20 Best Social Media Management Tools For Businesses

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  • Dec 18, 2022

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Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to modern businesses. You can use it to find new clients, drive traffic to your site, and keep in touch with existing customers to keep them engaged with your business. But like many powerful tools, you have to be careful when you use them.

The 20 Best Social Media Management Tools For Businesses

While you won’t accidentally cut your thumb, you can waste a large amount of valuable time trying to manage multiple inboxes in five different applications, posting the same things to all the different ones. platform, and keep everything going. It is next to impossible to use regular consumer apps. To do this properly, you need a social media management app.

Best Social Media Management Tools To Get More Engagement And Traffic

The best social media management platforms allow you to control your entire social media presence in one app. You can automate, analyze, and manage social media accounts, so you can focus on creating the kind of content your audience wants. I’ve tested nearly 50 social media management applications, and here are the six best.

Once you’ve chosen a social media management app, you can make it more powerful and efficient by automating it. See how you can use automation to improve your social marketing. Or, if you’re focused on Instagram, here are 3 ways to automatically post on Instagram for Business.

All of our best apps roundups are written by people who have spent most of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it was intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We are not paid for placing our articles from any app or for links to any site—we trust the readers who have given us to offer genuine reviews of the categories and apps that we checked. For more details on our process, read the full rundown on how we choose apps to feature on the blog.

The Best Social Media Management Tools

The problem with social media management software is that they all have the same limitations: the features provided by different social networks. This means that not only do most social media scheduling tools offer the same features, but those features vary between the social networks they support. Twitter, for example, provides a completely different set of analytics data than Facebook, while Instagram posts differently than YouTube.

When it comes to the best social media manager software, then, don’t expect wild features related to particular social networks. No social media management platform can post directly to a personal Instagram profile or respond to comments on others’ Facebook Page posts.

However, there are some key features that top social media managers have that set them apart. They generally make managing your business’s social media presence easy and efficient. In particular, they offer:

Best 12 Open Source Social Media Management Tools For Business

Every tool I’ve tested has a free trial—and sometimes even a free plan—so don’t be afraid to dive in and try it out. The best social media management application for you is the one that best fits your needs and price point.

I’ve been covering technology for over a decade and have updated this list for the past three years, so I’ve spent a lot of time exploring social media marketing software. After putting them through their paces, comparing the features and user experience they offer against other similarly priced apps, and overall evaluating how good (or bad) the they will use, these six social media planning tools are what I think are the best. suitable for most businesses.

Buffer is one of the longest running social media tools aimed at scheduling posts, although it has gone through many updates, transitions, and iterations to keep up with the times. It now supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, as well as Google My Business Pages. Free users can connect up to three social accounts, including Facebook Pages and groups, although you are limited to scheduling 10 posts for each channel.

Of The Best Social Media Analytics Tools For Marketers

While Buffer’s free plan is enough for small businesses to queue up a week or more worth of posts, if you want a more complete solution to manage social media or to control more than three social media accounts at once, you need to pay $6 /month per social channel for the Essentials plan. It gives you access to detailed analytics and engagement features, allowing you to engage with your audience directly from Buffer. (Also, if you want to bring team members, Buffer goes up to $12/month per social channel.)

In addition to core scheduling, analytics, and audience management features, Buffer also offers its own “link in bio” service called Start Page. This allows you to quickly create and update a small mobile-friendly website with your latest content or even products you want to sell. It’s not a new idea, but it’s useful to include it as part of your social media management application — especially if it allows you to get real-world results from your social media posts.

With , easily link any service you use to Buffer. For example, you can automatically add new blog posts to your schedule, directly from WordPress or through an RSS feed, or add new Instagram photos to Buffer.

What Is Social Media Management?

Buffer price: The free plan includes 1 user, 3 accounts, and 10 queued posts per profile; from $6/month per social channel for the Essentials plan that offers 2,000 queued posts per profile; from $12/month per social channel for the Team plan that offers unlimited users.

If you’re looking for a complete solution to all your social media management needs, Hootsuite will cover all your bases. It’s an all-in-one social media app: you can use it to schedule messages, create and manage potential posts, monitor your various inboxes, run enhanced campaigns to post advertising, and anything else you want a social media management app to do. do (within the limits offered by said social media companies). It supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest, and offers some of the most intuitive analytics of any app I’ve tested.

While you’ll need one of the more expensive plans to get the full suite of analytics tools, it will help you understand how your social media accounts are performing. Hootsuite also pulls statistics from other businesses in similar industries, so you can see how you stack up against the competition.

Best 20 Social Media Scheduling Tools To Try In 2022! (tried & Compared)

Hootsuite’s “Streams” approach to viewing your social feeds (as well as any keywords or competitors you want to monitor) enables you to create a powerful social media dashboard of exactly what you want You won’t see anything you can’t find elsewhere, but it’s better laid out and—at least for marketers—potentially more actionable.

Hootsuite really targets businesses that can transform social engagement into revenue. It’s one of the more expensive apps on this list—and it gets even more expensive if you add any paid apps. Its unique features are not so much what it does, but how it is done. It’s fast and easy to work with, and it’s one of the most widely used social media management apps for good reason.

Hootsuite also integrates with , so you can do things like automatically thank new Twitter followers or create new messages directly from a spreadsheet.

Best Social Media Management Tools Of 2022

Hootsuite Pricing: The free plan includes 1 user, 3 social profiles, and 30 scheduled updates (although this is only available after a trial); from $49/month (billed annually) for the Professional plan that includes 1 user, 10 social profiles, and unlimited scheduling; Team plans start at $249/month for three users (billed annually).

Hootsuite and Buffer are both solid platforms that offer some similar features. If you’re trying to decide between the two, check out our social media management app showdown: Hootsuite vs. Buffer. Or, for larger companies that don’t mind paying more, Sprout Social is another great social media management application with one key feature that Hootsuite doesn’t offer: phone support. Plans start at $99/user/month.

With many apps in this category, if you want to delegate social media management to someone in your organization, you’ll have to pay a serious premium for the privilege—Hootsuite, for example, charges nearly $3,000 per year for a team of three and around $9,000 per year if you want to have some sort of post approval workflow. (You can give other people yours

Best Social Media Strategies And Management Tools In 2023

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